This Princess wears running shoes not glass slippers

15 Mar

The Race that started it all…

I absolutely LOVE anything Disney, so when I came across the advertisement for a race through Disney I felt like a kid again. While the registration was a bit pricey per person (approx. $135), I did it anyway. I called it my birthday present and registered my husband and myself. He didn’t realize until a couple of months later that he would soon be running a princess race, but he embraced it proudly. 🙂

We printed off the awesome free training put together by Jeff Galloway from the Disney website and began our journey of training for a 13.1 run. There were many bumps and hiccups in our training, but we managed to train nonetheless. Before we knew it, it was time to travel to Orlando, FL and run through Cinderella’s castle!

princess 12 collage

We had such an amazing time! The environment was incredible and the people were amazing making it truly a magical experience. The Princess 1/2 marathon ignited a real passion for running. I encourage everyone to add a little magic to their lives and run a Disney race!

*you can find the link to Disney races and others under “Super Fun Races” on my page


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